Catmint - Nepeta Cataria

  • whatsoever
    no effect at all. neither as tea nor as smoking.

  • JDS
    Application: Leaves smoke separately or in a mix with equal quantity(amount) of tobacco. Also moisten with an extract tobacco or other tobacco. Effects: Soft cannabis euphoria, with tobacco more expressed and long.

  • DSL
    This herb makes a really good-tasting tea and gives the effects as described.

  • John
    the tea is good, but smoking it with good bud works just as good

  • Ahl
    POSITIVE ! Especially smoked with tobacco + beer :) Tea is also good (when your throat is lil ill after smoking). Thanks shayanashop !

  • Dimitar
    this is verry strong :))))

  • Chris
    Nepata Cataria taste like melting plastic, but it gives you a nice relaxed feeling. I would recommend mixing with another herb to dull the taste. But all in all, it's a very good herb!

  • Tradotto da Portuguese Entay
    Ate if you smoke but it could be better it hits in a very strange way

  • Tradotto da Portuguese renan
    the feeling is of an extreme relaxation of the muscles and the mind is very good

  • Tradotto da German Weedberger
    I ordered it recently. When it arrived it was immediately tried. We smoked it and lo and behold! From then on I didn't really care and I was pretty chilled. Just relaxed and not in the mood for stress or anything else what, cool stuff! In the evening I made myself a tea. Good to fall asleep!

  • Tradotto da French CanaPeace74
    Its has a taste of verbena, when the effect ... I'll wait and see :) Ptite infu with 2 sugar, it's frankly not bad ...

  • Tradotto da French francisko
    it smashes

  • Tradotto da French Emmatome
    Almost no effect ... and not very tasty. On the other hand, delivery always so fast, well done Shayana!

  • Tradotto da French Marco
    We received the order 1 week ago, great! With a friend we had the catmint with the bang, rolled pu and herbal tea (25g for 1L). Don't expect crazy things, let's say it poses well. A bit like a not too strong joint that just puts you in a relaxed mood. For the effects "stimulation of the imagination" it remains to be seen. We still have 70g and we intend to use it all! I'll post another comment when I'm done Oh by the way, the taste when smoking is disgusting but it mixes well with weed!

  • Tradotto da French nouna
    I will not go so far as to say that it smashes, but it relaxes rather well, it can be a good alternative to those who do not fall asleep without a demijohn, on the other hand it is necessary to have the puck well hanging because in infu it is frankly infamous; )

  • Tradotto da French john
    similar to cocaine ... ??? something that makes your heart beat at 200 and prevents you from sleeping that will be more like the description ... incomparable to cocaine xtremely disappointed

  • Ahl
    Positive! Smoking is not recommended becouse catmint is know also as emetic. I'm smoking it from one month and I didn't have problems with this. Tee is stronger than smoking, but you can mix it with tobbaco for better effect. Thanks shayanashop ! :)

  • Tradotto da German Sarah
    Full of junk I ordered the shit from another side. It was there when you boiled it in vinegar for 15 to 20 minutes. If you had a very strong hallucinogen. My boy smelled like hell and the scrap still didn't crack. Doesn't pop without vinegar and not with either. Just garbage tastes like wood!


Nepeta Cataria

Il Catmint è un'erba leggermente rilassante. E' molto adatta per restare a casa a rilassarsi, ascoltare musica e lasciare scivolare via lo stress.
Ha un buon sapore. Sembra piacere anche ai gatti, quando la mangiano sembrano molto eccitati.


Produce rilassamento e stimola l'immaginazione.


Pei il tè, usa 25 grammi e falli bollire brevemente con un litro d'acqua. Lascia in infusione per 15 minuti e aggiungi miele o quello che preferisci per migliorare il sapore. Si raccomanda di non fumare il catmint.