Green House

Super Lemon Haze

  • Tradotto da French ganjaflo
    the super lemon haze, the day I lighted the end of the joint I immediately understood that I was going to end up badly ^^ nah, this weed has a very high effect I would say more euphoric than euphoric, otherwise excellent to see the best...

  • Tradotto da French goomba
    Real people know quality. Super lemon haze, one of the most exotic varieties from Green House top quality.

  • Tradotto da French SYLVIE
    Great!! Received in 1 week. Pro's work. Strongly in 3 months ...... Already several orders to my credit and still nothing to complain about. Thank you Shayana !!! :)

  • Tradotto da French M.A.
    Very good alternative to tobacco when you don't want to endure the tar, nicotine and all the crap of cigarettes and the tobacco industry. Taste a bit special but it is smokable and so pretty. It gives a little relaxing effect but indeed, it does not get high at all. Thank you shayanashop for your service always on top !! Good thoughts for everyone ;-)

  • TRUY
    The seeds were very small and seemed to be weak. Unfortunately, all the seeds went wrong after germination, and I did as usual so I guess there was a problem with the seeds or with the variety of seeds...

  • Tradotto da French Brugiere
    commander and arrivé in 1 week, without problems and three discret. merci

Super Lemon Haze

Green House Super Lemon Haze ® (Femminizzati) si è classificata al primo posto nella competizione internazionale High Times Cannabis Cup 2008; è un mix tra la Lemon Skunk e la Super Silver Haze. Una delle ragioni per le quali questa varietà ha guadagnato il primo premio è lo stordimento tipico della varietà Lemon che agisce in fretta e dura a lungo.

Lo sballo è molto potente ed ha un impatto molto intenso sia dal punto di vista fisico che mentale. Se coltivata al chiuso, la pianta è capace di produrre fino a 700 g di materiale per metro quadrato in 9- 10 settimane. La fioritura all’aperto si completa alla fine di ottobre (emisfero nord) e arriva a picchi di 1000 g per pianta.

THC: 22.9%