• Domanic
    This stuff is like steroids for the penis! If you want that little extra push, than this is what you take. Great after a night out! The girl you are with will be very impressed. This takes it up to 11!!!

  • Ricky
    So that worked! Hard as a rock for ages and just kept her excited and wet riding me all night long. Great rush for her and a great confidence boost for me. Highly recommended :)

  • A
    first of all, this product really works... it is a 5 star product but I would raise a concern and I hope the shayana team will take it seriously :) first of all, the pill comes in a form which cannot be divided into two or something. I do not have erectile issues, but I cannot also keep it hard for 4 hours... so if I have such a product, I would not like to use all of it, but maybe start with a quarter and see what the effects are... I tried to divide the product into two with a knife and i managed to do it. However, inside the pill, there is actually powder. I assume the pill material allows a gradual diffusion of the powder to the body. so in my case, powder had direct contact with the stomach, which did not cause any issues though... nevertheless, I believe the dosage is just TOO much for normal people who do not have issues with sex but want to take it to a longer level. I only hope that shayana can deliver products with half of the dosage, or in a pill form (not really powder) which can be divided into a couple of pieces by the user. thank you!

  • sebastian
    works like the original

Formula Iron Man V

Questo farmaco a rilascio rapido che dura nel tempo stimola il flusso di sangue diretto nelle zone cruciali per aiutarti ad avere e mantenere potenti e durature erezioni nelle condizioni ottimali.

• Migliora le prestazioni sessuali
• Duro che duri
• Qualità garantita Shayana per la massima tranquillità


Questa pillola contiene una potentissima formula in grado di potenziare le erezioni e di fornire ore di energia sessuale.


1 pillola con un bicchiere pieno d'acqua 30/40 minuti prima di fare l'amore.